Considerations to Make When Storing Couches in Self-Storage

Couches are common household furniture, and they are found in most living rooms around the entire globe. They pull a room together with their variety of sizes, shapes, and styles.

When you want to store your couches in for a short or long period, observe these tips to preserve and protect them:


Cleaning and Preparing Couches In Self Storage for a Long or Short Period Storage

The initial step to do is getting your couch fully ready for self-storage. This involves cleaning it thoroughly. Despite its storage period, start with cleaning it to improve the chances of being well preserved against threats like wearing, tearing, mildew, and molding.

Taking good care of any furniture requires paying attention to the type of material it is made of and adjusting the appropriate cleaning technique. Wrong cleaning techniques may permanently ruin its feel and look, thus don’t make mistakes.


blue couch


Upon identifying its material, observe these tips:

  • Dust it and clean using a water and soap solution. If there are some persistent stains on the item, cleanse some more using a white vinegar and water solution.
  • Use a cleanser specified for linen and check for a care tag on the furniture. It will assist you in treating the material right.
  • You should be very careful with silk since it is easy to scratch it. Test potential cleansers on small portions first. Use a mild cleaner and cold water solution or consult a professional.
  • Dust it off and clean using a solution of a bleach-free cleanser and water. Spot clean any areas that are hard to reach using a mixture of white vinegar and water.

Once clean, you should cover the furniture with a breathable but secure cover.



Use Sliders to Move Furniture Easily

If the idea of moving any couch on your own makes you call movers, then go for furniture sliders. They work like magic. Just slide them underneath the legs of the couch and push. These sliders make it easier for heavy furniture to glide.


Let it Breath While in Storage

You should store a couch in a storage unit just like you would at home. Ensure it is free from any debris and don’t prop it in an upright position. Layering it with boxes and or standing it upright in a way it isn’t supposed to might put strain and stress in it, and it might get damaged.


Climate Control

Furniture material may discolor, wear, or attract unwanted residue when kept in extreme weather conditions. Excessive moisture or heat may damage furniture in storage. Hence, you should consult your storage provider regarding climate control features.

A storage unit with climate control mechanisms will make it possible to store your couch in conditions that will maintain its original style and color.

Selecting The Perfect Self Storage Unit Size

There are a lot of reasons for someone to need the use of a self-storage facility. Storing items during a move, having things stay in a safe location during a trip abroad, keeping seasonal items away from your home, and harboring items during a remodel are all common reasons for people to seek out a service of this nature. Whether or not your reason for needing a self storage unit is in that list, one thing is certain: you need to select the right size.

kids parking their bikes at jinza self storage

Getting too large of a unit will mean that you are paying far more than you need to for space that you will never use. Getting too small of a space is a hassle all its own. It will necessitate jamming the space full, and possibly seeking another space, which means moving all of the items to a new area.

Fortunately, Holloway Self Storage has some good tips of the trade to help you better gauge the right size of unit for the items that you plan to store.


Small Self Storage Units

Small units generally measure 5 x 5ft. and 5 x 10ft. As the title suggests, these units are good for storing small items, and a small amount of items. Most people will use this space for things like clothing, tools, decor, etc. The biggest items you could fit in these smaller units are desks, dismantled beds, tables, and chairs.

If you do choose to place these larger items in the unit, there will not be much space left for the aforementioned smaller items.


Medium Self Storage Units

Medium units generally measure anywhere between 10 x 10ft and 10 x 15 ft. A good spacial reasoning guide is to think about this as half the size of a standard garage. If you think you could put all the items you need to store into half of a garage, then you should be good to go.

These are double the size of the smaller units, so that is another way to visualize the available space. It can hold a good amount of smaller items, or a small amount of bigger items.



Average Self Storage Units

Average units measure 10 x 20ft and 10 x 25ft. This is the most commonly rented size unit as it will hold about as much as a large moving van. If you have a moderate amount of items needing to be stored than this is a good way to go.

Some people with a small amount of items will select these units as they do not cost much more than the other sizes, and it is easier to organize and navigate between the stored boxes and equipment. If you are storing items that you will need regular access to while they are in the unit, then this is a good option to pursue.


Extra Large Self Storage Units

The largest units at a facility will usually measure 12 x 20ft. or 20 x 20ft. If the items you need to store are large and in charge, then this is the way to go. These units usually have boats, tractors, cars, and other such vehicles in them. Other people use these deluxe units to store the entire contents of their house.

If you are relocating from a large home and need a place to put literally everything that you own, then this could be what you need. You can put the contents of the largest rented moving van in this size unit.

The next time you are in the market for a self-storage, let this handy storage unit size guide help you select the perfect dimensions.

Moving With Pets

The whole family gets excited when moving to a new home. However, it can be tricky when moving with pets since you can’t explain the entire process to them. However, with some tips in mind, you can assist your pets in adapting to their new home with little stress. Here are some tips for moving with pets:


Stick to Your Normal Routines

Even if the environment is new to your pets, things can be easier for them if they will undergo the same schedules like before, and this will assist in reducing any stress in them after moving. This is very crucial for exercise and food times. These are the greatest experiences that pets tend to count on in their daily routines.


Create a New and Special Space for Your Pet

You can create a new and special place for your pet, which can be a crate or a bed or any other space for the pet to have some peaceful time alone or to sleep. If possible, you may use a crate or bed from the old house to make it easier for them to recognize it as their space. The regular feel and smell they are used to can assist them in feeling more comfy upon moving.


Familiar Objects Can Assist Your Pet to Settle More Easily

Favorite toys should be kept close to your pet. You should also use the same water and food bowls and ensure not to change your pet’s treats or foods immediately after moving.


Watch Your Pet Closely During the Move

It is easy for your pet to slip out, get lost, or even get hurt while packing up to move if it is not watched carefully. You should keep your pet in a closed room or a crate while loading and unloading items. If possible, you can get a microchip implanted on your pet to make it easier to trace it if it gets lost in the new neighborhood.


Take Your Pet out for a Tour after Moving

You can take your beloved pet out for a tour around the new home to make them feel more comfy in the new space and know where their bed, water, and food are kept. You should also walk around with them around the new neighborhood to make them comfortable and familiar with new smells and sounds.


Give Your Pet Some Time to Settle

Although it is crucial to introduce your pet to its new space and home, you should also let it have some quiet time to adjust to the new environment without pressure. Your pet may choose to relax in its space or start exploring quietly. It would be great giving them some time to settle independently.


Spend Some Extra Time with Your Pet

There is always some stress associated with moving to a new environment. Therefore, it is crucial to give your pet enough space to relax and if they ask for some attention, you should take time to groom them, offer them extra treats, play with them, and just ensure they don’t feel alone.


Even though moving with pets can be tricky, with these tips in mind, everything should be easier. Once you arrive at your new home and unpack, ensure you take some time to let your pet settle in the new home. After some time, your pet will be feeling at home.

Kitchen Packing Tips for First Time Movers

Are you moving into a new home for the first time? Do you own lots and lots of kitchen stuff because you are a foodie or a great cook? Are you terrified of the thought of packing the entire kitchen stuff and moving into a new place? If so, we can help you.

We have created a list of the most basic steps that need to be followed if you wish to pack and move it in a smooth manner. Just follow them to the letter and you’ll be just fine.



The Vital Box

You should begin the packing by putting all the essential items in a box first. These are the items that you will definitely need on your first day after moving.

It can include a few pots & pans, soup, cereal, water bottles, coffee, cooking oil and a few spices that you would require to cook food. You can also add in tissue papers and paper plates and plastic spoons if you are not planning to open the dishes right away.


The Non-Essentials Box

As you might have guessed, here you put only that stuff that you use less often. It can be anything from cookie sheets to fancy serving plates and even the cookbooks you bought on impulse but never got around to using.


Large Products

While packing anything, you should pack the heavy and large items first. In the kitchen, it would include your pots and pans.

You can put the boxes filled with these on the ground and put lighter boxes over them to create a row of packed items. This will make the entire process less scary.


The Dishes

The dishes must always be wrapped in bundles of bubble wraps and made to stand on the sides. They must never be stacked. They should also be packed separately so that they don’t bump into each other during transit and break.

There should be no empty space between the dishes because it will create friction which could again result in breaking of the dishes.


Pantry Products

If you have a lot of things in the pantry area of your home, you must remember to create separate boxes for each kind or use dividers.

For instance, you can keep all the chips bags or snacking items at a single place while cooking spices can be kept in another area. This will ensure that everything can be unpacked without you taking much time in sorting them.



Yes, we know that you love your microwave and your juicer, your blender and what not. That’s why we saved them for the last. You need to begin by dismantling everything that’s possible like removing the blades from a food processor and then wrap each item in a different bubble wrap.

Towels or blankets can also be used in place of bubble wraps to provide extra cushioning. But be sure not to use so large blankets that they damage the small appliances due to their weight.

Now that you have learnt everything about packing your kitchen, we suggest you hire a professional to move them so that they remain safe.

If you don’t have any place to store the non-essential kitchen stuff like the pots and pans that only have sentimental value because your mother used it and you don’t then we suggest you consider opting for a self storage company in Sydney.

They would keep your items in a safe manner until you make a decision on whether you wish to keep them as they are in your new place or sell/donate them.

Why Use A Self-Storage Facility

What is the rationale behind a self-storage facility? Well, you might be wondering how such a facility can help you or your business. Let’s take a look on some of the reasons that might end up making them a good option for you.

You might be moving far away from your current house or home. The decision might be due to business concerns or climate. When moving, you will find that it is almost impossible to move everything in one go. This is more so when you plan to relocate back to your current home.


You might also find that it is hard to find a house with the same room capacity as your current home. As such, a self-storage facility comes in handy. You will use such a facility to store the extra things for a given time period.

What happens when you plan to expand your home or business? Have you ever thought about the delicate appliances and electronics in the house? Well, that is where a storage facility comes in handy.

You might want to move some things out, to protect them from any damage. Nonetheless, the move will create some extra room to play around with the remaining things during the expansion course.


Commercial Needs

You might be in need for some self-storage space but not for household or personal use. Think about an instance where you have a shop or business with some limited space? Well, the idea of self-storage comes into the equation, since it can be cheaper compared to the cost of expanding your business. All the same, it is almost impossible to expand the space of an already built business.

As we grow old, we tend to get the urge of traveling around the world. Some young people in today’s world also want to do their business, while at the same time exploring the beautiful cities around the globe. A storage facility might be a brilliant alternative compared to selling all your household items at a throw-away price. Such a move of selling your things at a loss often result in regrets.


Vehicle Storage

There is some storage facility that offers storage for caravan and motor vehicles. In general, these services understand that some people want to self-store their cars for a couple of months and then retrieve them later. You might want to safely store your luxury summer travel car in the winter and the fall, a storage facility should be your go-to friend.

The usefulness of a storage facility comes in handy in many instances. Apart from the above top five reasons for opting for such facilities, you might still use them in other instances. Think about an instance where you are carrying out house clearance? You will need some self-storage space, huh!